Saturday, February 20, 2010

Discovering Math was pronounced “mathematically unsound” by the Washington State Board of Education.

Here is what their consultant mathematicians had to say:

  • “Discovering was the weakest, with all three areas considered inadequate.”
  • “One way Discovering Algebra and Discovering Advanced Algebra compromise mathematics is by leaving important mathematics undefined and assumed.”
  • “The use of technology in Discovering Algebra in lieu of algebraic approaches contributes to the lack of opportunity to develop algebraic skills”
  • “The value of studying geometry is partly to learn to solve geometric problems and partly to learn to work in an axiomatic system and develop the associated logic skills. Discovering Geometry’s treatment of the axiomatic system is inadequate.”

Based on the evaluation is was removed from the State’s Recommended High School Programs List

Independent University mathematicians have strong negative evaluations of Discovering Math. For example, this is what UW’s Professor Jack Lee had to say about Discovering Math’s geometry and algebra books:

“I would strongly discourage the District from choosing this book. It represents a highly risky and experimental approach to teaching geometry, and I think the experiment, while well-intentioned, is unlikely to have the desired effect” (Geometry)

“ these books have far too much verbiage for students to read, and too little in the way of clearly stated mathematical principles. Definitions, computational algorithms, and formulas seem to be stated vaguely when they are stated at all (Algebra)

Major school districts like San Diego have dropped Discovering Math after a few years of use.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Discovering Math

This blog will provide facts about the weaknesses of Key Curriculum's Discovering Math Series